Chetan Indap’s artificial intelligence-based automated calling product is curated intuitively to provide a consistent, systematic, and streamlined flow of communication with lowered human syntax errors | Chetan Indap | CEO & Founder | Callify

Chetan Indap is a new-age Candidate Xperience Platform working towards the goal to make the candidate experience a priority among other recruitment strategies. With the era of great resignation, attracting and retaining top talent has been an ongoing challenge for most large-scale enterprises and it is the need of the hour to shift focus to enriching the candidate experience from the ground up. Whether it is keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process or sending multi-modal communication to update candidates at every stage, touch-basing the right way is being realized at a deeper level.’s artificial intelligence-based automated calling product is curated intuitively to provide a consistent, systematic, and streamlined flow of communication with lowered human syntax errors. Whether the recruiter wants to check a candidate’s interest, conduct a phone screening round, schedule and re-schedule interviews, or simply engage with the candidates through timely reminders and notifications, Callify provides an end-to-end automated interaction solution to simplify the front-end process of recruiting a.k.a. CALLING!

Callify gives the recruiting team the ability to script and record messages beforehand in the recruiter’s voice which has proved beneficial in framing better job descriptions, and assessment questions and keeping the tone of the conversation pleasant and consistent throughout the course of the call, ultimately providing a warm candidate experience. It also eliminates the chances of any biases that may occur. The product boasts of multi-faceted features that can also be used by HR teams internally for sending personalized encouragement calls from team leads or CEOs or relaying company-wide announcements with a personalized touch via automated voice calling in a person’s original voice to retain that personal touch.

From a recruiter’s perspective, it is almost disappointing to learn that most of their working time is spent chasing candidates for basic details, leaving them exhausted and unmotivated. Their job does not end with calling a candidate for follow-ups or scheduling interviews, it goes further with creating reports of candidate responses and manually filtering out top candidates for further rounds. It is almost humanly impossible to keep track of what candidates spoke, understand their tone during interactions and come to a sound judgment when this process is being carried out for hundreds and thousands of applicants. This is where Callify’s product features like interview recordings, speech-to-text conversions, and excel compilation of data come in handy. This not only gives recruiting teams the visibility of their efforts but also fosters a better work-life balance.

As far as the dashboard is concerned, it is comprehensively designed to provide maximum control and transparency to the clients which ultimately influences hiring strategies. As for the latest developments, Callify’s newly launched CRM database allows tracking and reusability of candidate data and minimizes additional candidate sourcing costs, thus further reducing the costper-hire. In the latest case study conducted with their client, a large unicorn EdTech company, Callify was able to reach out to 150,000 candidates with a response rate of 78% and an 80% interest rate in a matter of 5 days. It is beyond human capacity to match these numbers within this time frame.

CEO & Founder, Chetan Indap, other top-level executives, and the whole clan at Callify are whole-heartedly determined to structure a very complicated and complex process – human interactions between a candidate and a recruiter, predominantly faced by large-scale enterprises during mass hiring practices. Callify also recently raised $560,000 in a seed funding round and is aggressively working on strengthening its presence in the human resources technology segment with a stronger and more intuitive product. It also has further plans to replicate its technological infrastructure to address use cases across several other industries