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Best Practices To Reward Your Remote Workforce | Sanjay Borkar | Co-Founder | FarmERP

Sanjay BorkarThe Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted many lives, including ones professional career and their working patterns. Right from an in-office cubicle to a thriving remote working environment, the world has adapted a new normal. Any firm that today has a remote workforce as a part of their team, is benefitting at a large scale because of the flexibility that is provided with their jobs.

However many have forgotten that working from home or in a remote location does not refer to them working all the time. This work from home culture has led to an increased working hours and has driven people to give in more than they are required to. As a consequence, this practice can leave employees with a feeling of fatigue.

The obligation of protecting the well-being of employees must lay on the shoulders of companies in cases like these. Maintaining employee engagement and happiness is critical and inevitable to advance the businesses achievements and reach their goals.

Here are a few strategies for rewarding and appreciating your remote workers.

1) Recognition and Acknowledgement
Working remotely can often cause multiple distractions. Continuously supporting remote employees via appreciation is an effective method to keep them motivated. Even when they aren’t in the workplace, acknowledgement is a valuable method to show workers that you care about them.

2) Show Flexibility
Allowing employees liberty and demonstrating grace when they don’t follow your method of doing things is one of the finest ways leaders can reward their personnel. Displaying flexibility and versatile deadlines could go great miles, and further assure your workforce.

3) Make an Effort to know your employees
More than often, a remote workforce only asks for understanding and consideration. Putting up an active effort to get to know and grow closer to your remote employees while remaining compassionate is the basic minimum for a positive and healthy working environment.

4) Supply timely Opportunities and gifts
Giving back as much as you receive is the best method to show that you care. Gifting coupons, tickets, team-kits etc. can make employees feel included, and promote a family environment in the workforce. Another practice to display gratitude to your remote team is to offer them lessons that they may take for free or a discounted price.

Ultimately, appreciating, expressing gratitude and compassion, being kind and understanding while being genuine are some honest approaches to reward and ensure the well-being of your remote employees. This will not only keep them motivated but also will make them want to do their best at work.