Arti Raghava

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Human’s | Arti Raghava | Area Director of Human Resources – North India, Bhutan, and Nepal | Marriott International

Arti RaghavaOn a global landscape in the last decade, Artificial Intelligence [AI] has made  radical inroads to influence major aspects of human life. The highest point of the spectrum will clearly be the external environment of our interactions, ranging from experiences pertaining to entertainment, shopping, vacation, social media, professional, finance, law enforcement, healthcare etc. In one of the recent
articles in Tech Jury by Nick G, provides statistics that 77% of appliances that we use in current times have some form of AI built in. It is no surprise that AI has been so seamlessly immersed in our daily life that it almost comes across as a divine intervention when we suddenly find information on social media or in emails as to what may have been a random thought. To site it simply, when we
conduct casual search for flight, in future browser searches on even other topic would bring pop-up advertisement with desired destination, almost making us think that universe is encouraging me to plan this holiday. Smiles!!

In the professional canvas, Human Resources experts are facing the quandary of applications of AI presents in the wake of business realities, age of digitalization and the ever-escalating workforce cost. The success stories of AI are already on the rise in the domain of Talent Acquisition, Data Analytics, Learning & Development [L&D] and driving employee experience via chatbots. The value
of human interaction has been the key differentiator of distinguished human resources professionals and now the role transformation is brining paradigm shift. It is time to reimagine the role of HR, the CEOs & CHROs have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate and re-define the HR deliverables. There
will be no one size fit all approach, the furthermost pertinent contributions will surface from industry giants having access to incredible resources for research, & start-ups that have the flexibility to build the organization from ground zero, collectively this will bring an insightful perspective to drive and navigate through this journey.

The superior paradox facing us today is potentially to tap into the most promising facets of AI which enhances our productivity in workstreams [research suggest 40%] and preserving the sanctity of personal life. The intruding magnetism of AI application is fascinating, brining unparallel experience to our fingertips. However, the data privacy and information of the intimate personal choices we
make on daily basis remain at constant risk if do not actively reign in the immersion of AI into our lives. The creativity, potential and social responsibility must merge in harmony to have measured applicability of AI and the extent we allow the insemination into our everyday life.

There is great thought leadership culminating behind the veil, though on broader world platforms organizational lobbying need to play a momentous role in creating a framework, specifying playing field to calibrate the infusion before we lose the prospect to guide it in the desired direction for benefiting human life rather than having to manage the consequences down the road. As stewards of the corporate governance, we owe it to ourselves and future generations of global community to embrace the evolution of AI at the same time proactively leading and paving the path for re-imagining the imminent assimilation in our workplace and future of mankind.