Anjali Ahuja

A Mind-set Coach & HR Director | Anjali Ahuja | HR Director | ERM India Pvt. Ltd.

Ah ! The Spring of  2020

Time at hand and mindfulness!  WOW! It is almost coming together.

Anjali AhujaOn the third day of “work from home” as I step into my little lawn, I see something which is nothing short of being magnificent.  Blue sky! chirping birds!, blooming flowers and refreshing cool breeze. To top it there is a nip in the air.  Could I have asked for more? The site of the blue sky and the sound of birds was indeed incomprehensible to someone not used to blue sky (I live in the capital city of India).

While I was basking in the beauty of nature, I get a whatsapp message: ”Penguins spotted in Mumbai &  Dolphins in the lake of  Venice city”  Miracles!  As I sat down on my garden swing, I began talking to myself, “what is this Covid19 doing to us, who is this Covid19? I get an answer that this is Mother earth’s wake up call. Part of me was loving this while the other part of me wanted to check the Covid19 update on the television.   I switch on the TV to see and Lo! what do I hear?  Countries across the globe are creating a pool of money, breaking boundaries, making efforts to save the human race.  Aha! Humans getting Human! Now this is just beyond comprehension. It was just yesterday that we were busy strengthening our borders.  Did we actually need a Covid19 to get back the human touch?

I have always believed that, we are a resilient race and survive we shall.  It is not about nature and us but it is about coexistence, it is about sustainability, it is about love, it is about empathy, it is about being human at large.  How I want this spring to last ! how I wish we need no other Covid19 to experience this spring again.  Do we all need to reflect?