The 50 Points Benefit – Considerable Changes Forced on Humankind due to COVID-19 Pandemic | Arun Prasad Keshri | VP-Employee Relations | HR Compliance

For millions of individuals and businesses, the threat of COVID-19 is FINANCIAL RUIN, but Humankind is benefiting from the considerable changes forced on society and we never had thought that A 21 Days Lockdown Schedule would ever come in our Life, mandated by the government to be at home, work from home to be safe & stop further spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.


It’s not new to see a hustle in the board rooms to nail the right strategy for continuous business growth at this time of the year. However, with the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, most of these discussions are being ruled by ‘cost restructuring strategies’ at the moment.

Spend a Healthy Productive life on Weekends

Everybody wants to live a healthy productive life- both professionally  and personally! It is very important to work regularly, rigorously and continuously. However,  performing yoga, work out, meditation is equally important if you really wants leave a healthy life ahead.