Yuva Tourism Club

World Tourism Day was celebrated at IIM Sirmaur, with the launch of the Yuva Tourism Club.

Yuva Tourism ClubIn a spectacular celebration that marked the intersection of knowledge, culture, and the spirit of wanderlust, the Yuva Tourism Club of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sirmaur officially unveiled itself on World Tourism Day. The event took place over two days, commencing with a pre-celebration on September 26 and culminaƟng in a grand launch and series of activities on September 27, 2023.

The PGP, Tourism Chairperson, Dr. Vikrant Kaushal, lit the ceremonial lamp to kick off the celebrations and set the tone for an informative look into the travel industry. The Secretary of the Yuva Tourism Club gave an inspiring address about the meaning of World Tourism Day, elucidating how vital tourism is in bridging cultural divides and promoting international understanding. He then spoke to the students, highlighting the tourism industry’s bright future and far-reaching effect on economies worldwide. Faculty and staff members attended, elevating the significance of the occasion.

Several competitions and contests organized by the Yuva Tourism Club in conjunction with Atithya were among the highlights of this occasion. Twenty-five teams, including those from the Dental School and IIM Sirmaur, competed for the title. These contests revealed the breadth of the participants’ skills and knowledge while fostering a friendly yet intense spirit of competition.

Dr. Neha Sharma, Faculty In-Charge, and her team planned and executed this event. On September 26th, before the celebration began, students participated in several activities designed to build spirit and encourage healthy rivalry. A day packed with exciting events honoring the spirit of tourism, attendees were treated to a fascinating film. The Yuva Tourism Club was formally inaugurated the next day, September 27, and its members made a solemn vow to spread and value the joys of travel.

The winners of the several events were announced, marking the event’s peak. Prizes were awarded by the PGP TM Chair, who was pleased to recognize the winners’ efforts.

IIM Sirmaur’s dedication to providing a well-rounded education and encouraging its students’ natural curiosity was fully displayed during the festivities. Establishing the Yuva.

Tourism Club is an essential first step towards inspiring today’s youth to broaden their horizons and develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and environment via travel.