Dhanlaxmi Shetty

Women in the workforce | Dhanlaxmi Shetty | Staff Software Engineer | CDK Global India

Dhanlaxmi ShettyFirst I’d like wish all the amazing women, a Happy International Women’s Day for the amazing work they do everyday. As a devoted software developer at CDK Global, I believe that when we invest in women, it yields enormous benefits.

This is rather a proud moment that India’s IT sector has the highest representation of women in the workforce, with 30% female participation.

Some women face the challenge of balancing work and family responsibilities, dealing with long hours, deadlines, and meetings while ensuring their children’s care, feeding, and education. They may also experience feelings of guilt, feeling they are not giving enough attention to their children. Yet, it’s crucial to honor their strength and appreciate the unique capacity with which they face adversity with grace and sensitivity.

By offering opportunities and resources to women, we not only accelerate growth in all areas, but also create a ripple effect that improves communities, economies, and the globe as a whole.

Achieving gender equality is crucial for innovation and sustainable growth. Our commitment is to advance women’s careers through mentorship, leadership development, and training, fostering a workplace that values and respects all employees, regardless of gender or background.

By creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels empowered to participate, we are not just influencing the future of technology, but also paving the road for a more inclusive and fair society.

Together, we can harness the potential of diversity to enable women to lead, create, and make good changes in the IT sector and beyond.