Vinod Nair

Why HR Leaders are ready for transition to CEO? | Vinod Nair | Managing Director and Global Sales VP | Noventiq India

Vinod Nair“Business dynamics have evolved drastically in recent years. The general perception is that CEOs have personalities that are different from those who choose careers in human resources and that moving psychologically from an HR professional to a CEO is perhaps the most challenging. Therefore, it is uncommon to see HR managers being considered when executives are being groomed for the top position in a firm. Instead, they are typically from the Finance, Sales, or Marketing departments. But companies today have made employees, employee well-being, engagement, and attrition reduction some of their primary focal points. Any organisation’s leader must be aware of this, understand how to manage teams, and lead with empathy in addition to monitoring performance and productivity – this has become the gold standard for a leader today. That said, HR managers now play a significant role in all corporate decisions, including growth strategy, business objectives, and hiring practices. It is reasonable to assume that when a board of directors of any company is looking for a CEO candidate, they will look at profiles from finance, compliance, investor relations, as well as human resources.”