Arvind Srivastava

What Makes a Company a Great Place To Work and role of HR | Arvind Srivastava | President-HR | Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited

Arvind SrivastavaFor me “Great Place To Work” is not limited to the benefits and facilities what organisation provides to the employees but it is very well connected with the perspective of the employees how they see it.

After the pandemic, the conventional thought about the work place slightly migrated to safety, flexibility, social security and wellbeing of the employees. Organisations are now forced to adopt new ways of working and so it was required to reimagine the characteristics which make an organisation a creative, safe, productive, enjoyable jobs & lives and a Great Place to Work for.

There are few important factors essentials for an organisation to be a Great Place to Work but I feel Trust is the most important pillar that supports all other essentials. Trust is not closing your eyes from what is happening but to support and guide each other in the defined work premises.

The other essentials for a Great Place to Work are:

1. Effective Communication: Communication should always be effective and it should be two ways irrespective of level and category of employees. They should be updated with the required information about the business, priorities and challenges etc.

2. Consistency: There should be consistency in any good thing happening or planned. We usually loose the pace in the absence of continuity.

3. Compensation: Should always be competitive across industry. Money is always not a OR the only motivating factor but it plays a major role engaging people in their deliverables.

4. Flexibility at work: After Covid Era it has become one of the most affecting factor to be loyal with the work and their responsibilities.

5. Wellbeing Programmes: These days it works well with the people as a matter of fact that “WE CARE ABOUT YOU“. People feel more emotionally connect with their professional priorities.

6. Social Security: This heels the uncertainty in everything and removes the extra layer of stress from their lives.

7. Respect for Individuals : It is not limited to the expected behaviour but it also includes respect for their thoughts, their emotions , their efforts, their values etc

8. Inclusion & Diversity: One of the “MUST HAVE” for every progressive organisation. This also help in continual transformation in order to make it better and better day by day.

9. People Connect: We need to connect with the last man standing / working in the corner silently. This helps to know the pulse of the organisation and to be proactive to address the damages.

10. Tech Savvy: The organisation needs to be updated with new tools & technology to support people to be agile and productive. This creates the pace and job satisfaction

11. Infrastructure: People should feel comfortable while putting their best. Struggling with basic facilities triggered to vanish all other factors required to make a great place to work

12. Career Progression: Last but not the least, growth is what every body works for. So can’t be ignored.

HR has a major role to play to make the organisation a Great Place to work. Being Owner and custodian of all Policies and Process, HR works as a catalyst to ensure all above in letter and spirit. HR can propel this and be instrumental with major enablers to achieve this like connecting people at all level on regular basis, hand holding of the people specially the new joiners and Walk the talk spreading the positive vibes in the organisation.

Don’t forget that HR is a Brand Ambassador for any Organisation and face of the company for new people being inducted therefore HR needs to lead this and lead this by example. Efforts & Results needs to be reflected from the face of employees otherwise it would be limited to the certificates only “A GREAT PLACE TO WORK”.