Rajesh Popil

What are the best practices for hiring Interns and Freshers | Rajesh Popli | Assistant Director – HR | EY

Rajesh PopilIn the ever-evolving landscape of the workplace, nurturing new talent takes on a crucial role. Hiring Interns and freshers brings an influx of youthful energy, diverse perspectives, and a touch of innovation. However, navigating the path to onboarding these bright minds require mindful strategies and best practices.

Defining the Need:
The first step lies in a clear understating of your requirements. Are you seeking interns for specific projects, or building a talent pipeline for future full-time hires? Pinpointing these needs helps tailor the recruitment process and attract the right pool of candidates.

Casting the net wider:
Go beyond traditional channels. Partner with universities, attend career fairs, and leverage social media platforms LinkedIn to reach aspiring talents where they congregate. Consider alternate talent pools like vocational schools or bootcamps specializing in specific skills relevant to your industry.

Beyond the resume:
While academic qualifications hold merit, don’t let them overshadow potential. Prioritize assessments that test for problem solving abilities, critical thinking, and soft skills like communication and teamwork. Group assignments or presentations can offer valuable infights into a candidates collaborate spirit and leadership potential.

The interview Experience:
Transform the interview from a rigid interrogation into a conversation. Allow candidates to showcase their personality, interested, and aspirations. Ask questions that gauge their agility. Eagerness to grow and fit within your organization.

Mentorship Matters:
Creating a nurturing environment is paramount. Assign dedicated mentors who guide interns through their projects, answers questions, and provide constructive feedback. Encourage regular check-ins, open communication and opportunities for learning and growth.

Make it Meaningful.
Internships should not be mere coffee fetching exercises. Assign interns projects that are challenging yet achievable, offering them a taste of real-world work and contributing to the organization’s goals. This sense of purpose fosters engagement and a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Beyond the internship:
Treat interns not just as temporary workforce, but as potential future colleagues. Build meaningful relationships, keep them informed about company updates, and offer career guidance. A positive internship experience can go a long way in creating brand ambassadors and loyal future employees.

Hiring interns and freshers present and opportunity to shape the future of your organization. By implementing these best practices, you can cultivate a generation of talent who are not skilled and enthusiastic, but also deeply invested in your company’s success. Remember, investing in their growth is an investment in your future.