Yajulu Medur

universities welcoming students back to their premises, 2023 | Dr Yajulu Medury | Vice Chancellor | Mahindra University

Yajulu Medur“While the year 2022 acted as a year of resurgence for India’s higher education sector, with colleges and universities welcoming students back to their premises, 2023 will mark the dawn of a new era powered by the implementation of NEP. We expect NEP to become a great enabler in providing a more holistic and inclusive approach to higher education in India, and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 10 percent reservation will help in empowering students from economically weaker sections attain quality education that would, in turn, enable them to secure their future by gaining relevant industry expertise. Effective implementation of NEP will also aid educational institutions to adopt innovative pedagogical initiatives and build a more holistic multidisciplinary approach towards higher education. The resulting multidisciplinary approach to education will help us produce a new generation of individuals capable of working across cutting-edge technology domains that are fast gaining prominence, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3-D machining, big data analysis, machine learning, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.”