TresVista's second annual in-house fundraising auction raises 1 lakh rupees, with all proceeds benefiting CSR partners

TresVistaTresVista’s 2nd annual in-house fundraising auction – ‘Art from the Heart’ took place across their three office locations in Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The firm’s employees took it upon themselves to plan and host the event, contribute artwork to be put up for auction, and bid on the pieces – making the initiative entirely employee driven.

84 artworks, submitted by the employees, were up for auction across the 3 office locations for the event that helped raise ~1 Lakh rupees. All the proceeds collected during the auction will go towards furthering the goals of TresVista’s CSR partners.

The interactive auction provided employees with the opportunity to be hands-on with TresVista’s contribution efforts. Employees were able to take part in the auction process, encourage their peers to participate, and see their creations be bid on to help raise funds for a shared cause.

TresVista conducts various CSR events each year with the objective of raising awareness of sustainable practices and fostering a community of purpose-driven individuals by raising money towards a common goal. Last year, the firm completed 13,500+ hours of CSR volunteering and advisory work and has set a target of 15,000 hours for FY24.

TresVista employees are passionate about contributing their time, money, and skills to address the issues facing our world and are actively involved in how the firm generates and distributes these funds.