The Power of Positive Leadership | Aparna Sharma | Consulting Editor | The People Management

POWER OF POSITIVE LEADERSHIP“The Power of Positive Leadership” is a famous book written by Mr.Jon Gordon. I had the opportunity to participate in-person at a “Power of Positive training”, a session led by Mr. Gordon himself. Here are the points that resonated most with me.

Any leader will agree that productivity peaks when a team is energized and motivated. You may want to consider these tips to help raise your game and get the most out of your team.

1. Positivity isn’t a fluffy concept –

Research overwhelmingly supports that positive leadership and teams generate better results and outcomes.
Here are some facts:

• Positive people live longer.
• Positive work environments outperform negative work environments.
• Positive leaders are able to make better decisions under pressure.
• Positive people are more resilient when facing stress, challenges and adversity.
• Positive people can maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture.

If the fulfilment and joy of positivity isn’t enough to convince you, then the business case for it should persuade you to adopt the mindset.

2. Change “Have to” to “Get to”-

Instead of approaching tasks as something you “have to” do, look at them as something you “get to” do. While mundane projects and activities in our daily lives may seem draining or burdensome, those daily opportunities are often blessings. Instead of saying, “I have to write this report,” change the perspective to “I get to write this report because our team nailed it and executed a flawless campaign! Our client is going to be thrilled when we can showcase these results. How amazing to work with a team on a project that matters.”

3. Talk to Yourself vs. Listen to Yourself: Don’t allow fear to inhibit your growth and success –
Even those of us lucky enough to work with leaders and team members who believe in our abilities and support us can feel insecure or scared at times. Do I share this crazy idea with others? Am I experienced enough to make this presentation? Mr. Gordon’s guidance is to sharpen your mindset, so you have the tools to recognize negative self-talk and change it. Practice sharing positive affirmations.

4. Strive for Connection –

If you want to cultivate a strong team and generate extraordinary results, you need to invest in your people. Connect with team members beyond your normal day-to-day activities. Show that you care through authentic connection. Over time, those relationships and the ongoing communication will foster trust and connection, which is essential to team performance.

Here a few key takeaways –

  1. Positive Leaders Drive Positive Cultures.
  2. They Create & Share a Positive Vision.
  3. Positive Leaders Lead with Optimism, Positivity & Belief.
  4. They Confront, Transform & Remove Negativity.
  5. They Build Great Relationships & Teams.
  6. Positive Leaders Pursue Excellence & Lead with Purpose.
  7. They have Grit.

A positive leader needs to carry a Telescope and a Microscope. The Telescope helps the leader and his team keep their eyes on the North Star (the Vision) and the big picture. The Microscope helps the leader to zoom in and focus on what needs to be accomplished in the short-term to realize the Vision in the Telescope.

While the idea of positive leadership isn’t new, this “Power of Positive training” session served as a catalyst to deepen my positive thinking and support for one another in the organisation & community.