Durga Prasad

Techfynder digital product | Durga Prasad | Country Manager | Techfynder

Company Profile

Durga PrasadTechfynder digital product is a free service for IT contractors to register and a subscription-based service for companies that furnishes instant results from precise skills, experience, eligibility, rates, and real-time availability of work at their client locations. It is a free service that connects contractors with thousands of companies in the world and provides them with unparalleled quality of services. It works closely with both clients and candidates by listening carefully to their requirements.

The AI service is now in 75 countries worldwide and is growing at a fast rate of contractor signups. Our value proposition is that we focus more on the quality of the contractors, unlike others who just show their profiles. Techfynder allows these professionals to switch on their availability and withstand registering their profiles on various job portals. We have over 20,000 contractors worldwide with 2,410 skills available. It is not just about having the technology, but what life is like using our technology, simple subscription with no commission for all businesses.