Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Technologies to hire 400 people for new businesses

Sterlite TechnologiesData network solutions provider Sterlite Technologies will hire about 300-400 professionals this fiscal for growth areas of 5G and wireless ecosystem and to support its plans to take services business global, Group CEO Anand Agarwal has said.

The company will hire professionals with requisite experience as well as freshers for these growth areas.

“We are strengthening our ecosystem that we speak about, our wireless and 5G ecosystem, so clearly on that front we are continuing with a strong level of hiring,” Agarwal told PTI.

Part of the hiring is also in view of the company’s plans to take its services business global, in markets of the Middle East and Europe.

“We are continuing on our strategic path and we are not letting the current slowdown in the economy or whatever is happening on COVID, to impact our overall long-term strategic roadmap,” he said.

Sterlite Technologies (STL) expects to hire 300-400 people during the current financial year, he added.

The company will adopt a structured approach to take its services business global.

At present, Sterlite Tech sells its products globally with over two thirds of fibre and cable it produces, targeted at the overseas markets.