SpiceJet Takes Off With “Lovely People” Greetings for A More Inclusive Flight Experience

SpiceJetIn celebration of Pride Month, SpiceJet, India’s favorite airline, has implemented a significant change to its airport and in-flight announcements, promoting a more inclusive travel experience for all passengers.

This initiative aligns with SpiceJet’s constant efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion, and demonstrates their support for the LGBTQI+ community.

Effective Friday, June 28th, the National LGBTQ+ Pride Day, SpiceJet pilots, cabin crew, and airport staff replaced traditional greetings like “ladies and gentlemen” with more inclusive terms such as “Hello everyone,” “Good morning/afternoon/evening, all you lovely people,” or “Welcome aboard, everyone!” This change underscores SpiceJet’s dedication to fostering a more comfortable and welcoming environment for all travelers, regardless of gender identity.

Debojo Maharshi, Chief Business Officer, SpiceJet, said, “At SpiceJet, we are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive environment where everyone feels acknowledged, respected, and welcome. Introducing gender-neutral announcements is a step in that direction, recognising the diverse identities of our passengers.”

Recently, on International Cabin Crew Day, SpiceJet took another groundbreaking step towards inclusivity by launching a unique program to equip its cabin crew with sign language skills. This initiative empowers crew members to effectively communicate passengers with hearing impaired, ensuring a seamless and comfortable travel experience for all.