Sodexo Launches Premium Pass Celebrations – Dining for Organizations to Gift Great Meal Experiences to Employees

Sodexo the leader in Digital Employee Benefits has announced the launch of Premium Pass Celebrations – Dining, a new addition to its digital suite of employee benefits. During these unprecedented times, people across the country continued to order meals online from restaurants ensuring safety and hygiene standards. With festivities around the corner, when organizations are grappling with how to recognise and reward employees, this offering from Sodexo fits in as the perfect solution to gift meal experiences.


Sodexo Dining Pass – Gift A Meal

Sodexo Premium Pass Celebrations – Dining comes with one-year validity and is accepted across Sodexo’s proprietary network of partner restaurants, cafés, bakeries, food franchises, sweet shops and online food delivery portals. The cards come in both Physical as well as Virtual Variants and can be used at Sodexo merchant establishments to make contactless payments using QR codes. With this unique solution, Sodexo aims to support partner restaurants by helping them bounce back in the post-COVID world, as an extension of their Quality of Life promise.

This solution makes for the perfect gift for companies across segments looking to thank employees for going beyond their call of duty during the current pandemic to ensure businesses function as usual.

Anish Sarkar, CEO, Sodexo BRS India says, “Sodexo is a digital-first organization in terms of capabilities and mindset. Dining Pass is an innovative employee benefit solution that allows organizations to extend greater delight to employees and channel partners by gifting meal experiences. This quick and easy way to gift memorable experiences to employees comes at a time when people are longing to step out of their homes and spend quality time with friends and family. The digital nature of the card ensures safe, contactless payments at Sodexo-affiliated restaurants and aims for great employee experience.”

About Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India

The Sodexo Group works towards improving the quality of daily life for employees, partners, and customers across the world. Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India is a 100% digital Employee Motivation & Benefits Services provider and partner to 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors. Our Employee Benefit Solutions are customized to meet specific needs of organizations and help them develop their best-motivated workforce.

Sodexo BRS India offers a range of employee benefit solutions. The meal benefit offerings include the Meal Pass card and Cafeteria Pass card. The company’s Gifting & Recognition offerings include the Premium Pass Celebrations card for festivals & special occasions and Premium Pass Rewards card for ongoing rewards and recognition programs. In 2019, Sodexo launched the Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass that helps organizations deliver multiple employee benefits on a single card. Today, Sodexo reaches out to millions of consumers everyday across 1,700+ cities nationally.

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