Preeti Sharma

Revolutionizing IT Training: The Pragati Software Story | Preeti Sharma | Director | Pragati Software Pvt. Ltd

Preeti Sharma

Empowering Corporates with Cutting-Edge IT Training
Located in the bustling heart of Mumbai, Pragati Software Pvt. Ltd. is a beacon of advanced IT training, specializing in equipping businesses all over India with essential technological skills. Since our inception in 1991 by visionary leaders, CEO Mr. Pradyumn Sharma and Executive Director Preeti Sharma, we have committed ourselves to the corporate sector, setting benchmarks and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

Our Core Philosophy: Excellence Through Training
At Pragati Software, we demystify technology for corporates by bridging the future with comprehensive training in over 150+ technology subjects. Under Mr. Pradyumn Sharma’s leadership, our unique hybrid model merges in-house expertise with external consultant insights, fostering an environment of unparalleled learning experiences and continuous innovation.

A Legacy of Achievement
Our commitment to transforming IT education has not gone unnoticed. We are proud recipients of numerous awards, including the prestigious Best IT Training Provider at the 4th L&D Confex and Awards 2024 – Mumbai Chapter. These accolades underscore the pivotal roles our leaders play in setting industry standards and enriching professional lives.

Innovation at the Core
Staying true to our innovative roots, we are continually exploring emerging technologies. Our proactive integration of AI, blockchain, and cloud computing into training programs ensures that our curriculum is always ahead of the curve, preparing professionals for tomorrow’s challenges.

What Sets Us Apart?
Our commitment to customizing learning solutions sets us apart. Each program is meticulously crafted to resonate with participants, ensuring they are well-prepared not only for today’s demands but also for future technological shifts. This bespoke approach extends beyond training to include real-world applications and hands-on

Testimonials: Proof of Impact
Our clients’ successes speak volumes. From significant productivity gains to enhanced competitive positions, the feedback we receive highlights the profound impact of our training programs on both individuals and corporate entities. Amongst our biggest clients is the largest steel manufacturing company in India. We are present in more than 250 customers spread over various verticals. BFSI clients account for 35% of our turnover.

Looking Ahead: The Future of IT Training
Guided by Mr. Pradyumn Sharma, Pragati Software is poised for greater global impact. We are continuously investing in new technologies and forging strategic partnerships to redefine the boundaries of IT training.

An Invitation to Collaborate
We invite all stakeholders in the IT ecosystem to join us in shaping the future of IT training. Whether enhancing team skills, exploring partnership opportunities, or contributing to the evolution of IT education, Pragati Software is your ideal partner.

Conclusion: A Pledge to Innovate and Empower
Dedicated to our mission, we at Pragati Software, led by Mr. Pradyumn Sharma and Preeti Sharma, pledge to continue our tradition of innovation and excellence. Join us as we shape the future of IT education, empowering professionals and corporates to thrive in the digital age.