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Quess Corp launches its blue-collar recruitment satellite hubs, ‘Jobspot’

Quess CorpQuess Corp, India’s leading business solutions provider, today announced the launch of its flagship blue-collar recruitment satellite hubs – Jobspot by Quess. These centres were launched to address the growing demand for talent in the industrial sector, especially the manufacturing industry and assure jobseekers a guaranteed job within 30 minutes. Jobspot centres are strategically located in proximity to manufacturing centres for automobile, textiles, electronics, and the machinery industry. The first two Jobspot centres were inaugurated at Narasapura, Karnataka and Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Driven by the government’s push for investments in labour intensive industries and initiatives such as Make in India, Project Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme, The SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0, and the National Manufacturing Policy, the industrial and manufacturing sectors are seeing sustained growth. This has led to India emergening as a manufacturing hub, with numerous multinational corporations establishing their manufacturing plants within the country. This sector, currently accounting for around 16-17% of the GDP and employing nearly 20% of the workforce, is projected to experience a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 4% from 2023 to 2028 and has further impetus for growth with the National Manufacturing Policy targeting to increase the share of manufacturing to 25% of India’s GDP by 2025.

With this robust growth outlook, women’s participation in the manufacturing sector in India also requires critical focus. Over the last two decades, percentage of women in the manugacturing sector has been stagnant at 19-20%, according to the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI). Jobspot by Quess, which is located to provide easy access of jobs to the local community with a special focus on women jobseekers, endeavours to address the corresponding surge in demand for manpower resources within the sector and bridge the gap of women employment in manufacturing.

The newly opened Jobspot centres in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu serve as convenient platforms for industries and jobseekers to connect within rapidly growing industrial clusters. By offering on the spot job interviews and immediate job offers, Jobspot expedites the job placement process, enabling individuals to seize career opportunities swiftly, while meeting the industry’s burgeoning need for entry level talent. Through these satellite job hubs, Quess aims to inspire young first-time workers to explore significant opportunities in manufacturing. The centres will provide access to formal employment, skill development, and social security benefits during their tenure with the company.

Quess plans to establish 15 Jobspot centers in 2024, which will offer employment to over 1 lakh entry level and experienced blue-collar workers by the end of FY25. The two newly opened locations already cater to over 200 walk-in jobseekers daily.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Lohit Bhatia, President, Quess Worforce Management, says, “The manufacturing sector has witnessed a substantial surge in demand for manpower in recent times. At Quess, manufacturing already accounts for a significant 15% of the workforce placement. We are well positioned to understand the needs of the industry and with Jobspot by Quess, we aim to enhance the efficiency of recruitment for the sector. With guaranteed job placement within 30 minutes as well as an assurance of inclusivity and effective recruitment systems, we believe that Jobspot will be able to power the growth of manufacturing sector in the years to come.”

Quess Corp has seen an uptick in the hiring of manufacturing sector workforce, with over 67,000 associates employed in this domain in 2024, up from 44,000 in 2023. Operating as a conduit between jobseekers and companies, Quess ensures that organizations secure the right caliber of skilled labour while simultaneously providing livelihood opportunities for jobseekers. From production line workers to engineers, Quess enables factories to optimize their processes by supplying the requisite workforce.