Pearson BTEC Teams Up with Buddha Group of Institutions to Empower Students with in-campus Career Skills programs

PearsonPearson, the world’s leading learning company, announced its partnership with Buddha Group of Institutions, a premier educational institution in Karnal, to offer Pearson’s BTEC courses to students. The partnership will introduce BTEC Higher Nationals (HN) Art & Design and Business Management courses at the Buddha Group of Institutions. Pearson BTECs are vocational skill qualification programs, developed in consultation with industry experts, offering a diverse range of qualifications across different industries and sectors.

Pearson’s BTEC Higher Nationals programs are internationally recognized higher education qualifications that are equivalent to the first and second years of a university degree, where Real-life scenarios are used for assessment and assignments. They are offered at 30+ partners in India, including universities, colleges, international schools, and private training centres. Pearson BTEC qualifications are aligned with global economic needs and are recognized by employers. Pearson BTEC offers over 24 subject areas with more than 2000 qualifications ranging from business to digital technology to art and design to healthcare and many more, enabling learners with skills relevant for the global workplace.

On the announcement of the partnership, Mr. Nitesh Gupta, Director, Budha Group of Institutions said, “Our Partnership with BTEC will help our institute to provide students with options that match their career interests and aspirations. It will also be helpful for us to attract a diverse student body and prepare them for a globalized workforce. The courses we have chosen to provide under the BTEC Program include management, which will be instrumental in propelling the students towards a successful and fulfilling career in line with the ever-changing global demand. The fashion and arts course will give students practical learning and empower them to not only grasp theoretical concepts but also to apply them in real-world scenarios, fostering a truly immersive and hands-on educational experience.”

On the partnership, Abhinav Gupta, CEO, Buddha Group of Institutions said “We are proud to partner with Pearson BTEC. This collaboration brings vital vocational education to our students, aligning with India’s national goal for skill development. The addition of Pearson’s BTEC courses in Art & Design and Business Management will directly address the growing demand for practical, industry-relevant skills in our education system.This step is crucial for India’s vision of increasing employability and meeting global standards. Our students will benefit from an education that prepares them for real-world challenges, making them ready for the job market.Our partnership with Pearson BTEC is a significant move towards enhancing vocational education in India and preparing our students for successful careers.”

“India is committed to expanding vocational education, aiming to expose at least 50% of learners in the school and higher education system by 2025, in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. Our collaboration with the Buddha Group of Institutions represents a significant stride in providing vocational training and skill development programs that align with the evolving job market. Together, we aim to equip learners with practical skills and global perspectives essential for success in today’s competitive landscape.” Siddharth Parnerkar, International Sales Director, Pearson India.

Recently, Pearson also collaborated with the National Skill Development Corporation International (NSDCI) to address the urgent need for upskilling and workforce development in India. This collaboration aims to promote Pearson’s internationally acclaimed BTEC qualifications, aligning academic and vocational learning to meet global recognition standards set by education ministries and employers worldwide.

Together, Pearson BTEC and Buddha Group of Institutions remain steadfast in their dedication to shaping a future where education converges seamlessly with the demands of tomorrow’s industries.