Reet Bhambhani

Paytm employees not moving out; co continues to be talents’ preferred choice, says top recruiting farm EMA Partners India

Reet Bhambhani“Paytm has always been a top attraction for talent across the country because of its agility, pioneering and innovative spirit. We continue to see high traction for leadership roles at Paytm across engineering, business and product streams. We haven’t seen cases of senior Paytm employees reaching out for jobs because of the recent directives to Paytm Payments Bank,” says Reet Bhambhani, Senior Partner of Banking, Financial Services & Technology at EMA Partners India, amid reports of job cuts at the fintech giant Paytm after the recent RBI directives in regards to PPBL.

“Paytm has long been revered as a top destination for talent nationwide,” said Reet, “Contrary to speculations, there has been no notable exodus of senior Paytm employees seeking alternative opportunities due to the recent directives aimed at Paytm Payments Bank.”

“We believe Paytm is an aspirational employer and brand in the country, attracting talent from India’s best colleges. Within the recruitment circles, to our knowledge, we haven’t seen any instances of employees moving out of Paytm recently solely due to the developments at Paytm Payments Bank,” she added.

She attributes this stability to the understanding that, in evolving industries subject to regulation, a degree of perceived risk and disruption is inevitable.

Paytm’s Founder and CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, also somedays ago, assured employees during a virtual town hall, dispelling rumors of layoffs and reaffirming employees’ importance to the Paytm family.

“At a broader level, as technologies and innovative businesses evolve in new domains that are regulated; there’s bound to be some level of perceived risk and disruption and we expect that things will eventually settle down and it will be business as usual for the company,” said Reet.

The company remains a top choice for talented individuals, she concluded.