Suhrud Neurgaonkar

MIT School of Distance Education: Facilitators of Quality Distance Education | Suhrud Neurgaonkar | Director | MIT School of Distance Education

Suhrud Neurgaonkar

At MIT School of Distance Education, we are geared up to impart high-quality education and to sharpen your skills by deploying state of the art technology to create winning personalities.

At MITSDE, we operate on a foundation of core values that guide every decision we make:

We understand learners’ needs and offer tailored programs through our customer-centric approach, foster open communication for accountability with transparency, find new ways to improve our programs through constant innovation, offer rigorous, high quality learning opportunities and provide a wide range of programs in a flexible format for maximum accessibility.

Our vision is to become a leading global learning organisation, delivering high-quality programs that empower individuals and cultivate brighter futures.

MITSDE Unique Features
• 100% Placement Assistance
• World Class LMS
• No Cost EMI Facility
• MITSDE Harbour – Holistic Development Beyond Academics
• MITSDE Labs – hands-on student-centric workshops
• Continuous Engagement through Live sessions
• Career Services with Placement Support team
• Course-related Support through a dedicated Academic team

The true purpose of education is to nurture the habit of analysing and thinking. It replenishes humans with the power of knowledge. In modern society, education should not be restricted; with this motive, the concept of distance education took birth and flourished within no time.

Distance education is flexible, accessible, cost-effective, and allows global collaboration. It offers self-paced learning and enhances your technological skills. This kind of educational setup benefits students of all ages and is easily accessible to everyone. Established in the year 2008, the MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is a pioneer in this educational revolution.

This glorious institute began with a vision to empower working professionals to accomplish their educational and career aspirations. The Institute draws inspiration from MIT’s noble philosophy and aims to provide a transformative learning experience to its students. It is dedicated to offering the best-designed distance education programs that remove the skills gap for working professionals.

With a rich history of excellence in education and innovation, the Institute has developed a unique curriculum design and efficient delivery methodologies that ensure that students receive top-quality education. Since its commencement, MITSDE has gained recognition from the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India in 2018, ICDE in 2019, to the recent collaboration as a training partner with the globally acclaimed PMI.

Aim to Acquire Educational Excellence

MITSDE has set a vision to be a globally distinguished Ed-Tech organization committed to delivering excellence and unparalleled value to the stakeholders. Their focus on innovation, creativity, and technology enables them to lead learning and development. The Institute also aims to constantly pursue innovative solutions using technology, sharpening skills, and developing personalities, thereby evolving a new future for the next generation.

It is committed to providing top-notch remote learning without sacrificing the standards or integrity of the curriculum. It continuously refines its methods to make education more approachable and outcome-oriented while staying current with industry demands. The main goal is to use advanced teaching strategies and contemporary technology to create dynamic and captivating learning experiences. It also strongly emphasizes providing comprehensive student support services, such as career counselling, academic advisors, technological help, and a vibrant online community for peer engagement.

Infusion of Technology

With the advancement of technology, a wave of progress has hit the educational sector. MIT Learn is an application compatible with any device; this interface allows access to all course materials 24/7 so that the students can learn without any time restriction; this feature is widely enjoyed by learners.

In addition, the E-Library gives users access to various helpful reference materials. The curriculum blends live online classes delivered via Zoom with pre-recorded sessions that may be accessed on the MIT Learn portal. Proctored online exams also offer quick and safe evaluation processes.

Words of Appreciation
MITSDE focuses on creating a student-centric environment where the learning experience and quality are prioritized.

Many success stories attached to this institute make MITSDE proud.

Arran Celestine Calvert says, “It has been a great journey with MITSDE. The Student Support has been beneficial throughout the course and proactive, catering to all my queries and issues. Thank you, MITSDE, for a great opportunity.”

Prasenjit Ghosh, appreciating the MITSDE curriculum, also states, “MITSDE has stood out among its competitors as a premium institute. The lectures and training materials have been designed practically, with live industry examples.

The extremely interactive sessions
constitute a healthy exchange of ideas with peers. Overall, it is a great learning experience.” Sanjay Kumar H S compliments, ” The course has enhanced my knowledge and made me confident to implement it in my work. Wonderful student support team.”

“MITSDE is a good platform for E-learning. The admission process was smooth, and SDE’s student support team was fantastic. I hope to make the most of my time with MITSDE,” says Hemang Pathak.

These success stories reflect the commitment to providing high-quality distance education that transforms lives and careers.

Providing the Best Educational Facilities

To maintain the quality of content, MITSDE follows a wholesome approach to enhance the curriculum; it emphasizes faculty expertise and encourages interactive learning that engages students and makes learning more effective. It also enables a student to aim for consistent and continuous improvement.

It holds an undying dedication to guarantee the highest quality content and courses, as it aims to prepare its students for success. Industry experts constantly conduct webinars and doubt-solving sessions for better learner engagement. This gives them a reflection of their calibre, making it easy to track the progress and bridge the industry gap.

MIT School of Distance Education commits to accessibility and inclusivity woven into its fabric. Understanding the diverse educational needs, the Institute has strategically implemented various measures to address these issues.

• The Institute promotes a Flexi-Learning Approach; this facility is at the core of its commitment to accessibility. It enables the students to access the course materials and learn at their convenience without geographical barriers. These amenities greatly help working professionals, individuals with family commitments, and those residing in geographically remote areas.

• To maintain the workload and keep the students on track, the Institute also offers extensions on assignment and assessment due dates. They say, “We understand that sometimes life can throw unexpected obstacles your way, making it challenging to keep up with your coursework.” It tries its best not to make learning a burden.

• To ensure inclusivity and success for all its students, it provides career guidance, help with academic inquiries, and customized assistance through its enthusiastic academic advisors.

• MITSDE offers a variety of educational resources, such as interactive tools, e-books, multimedia content, and reference materials. This guarantees that all students have access to content in a manner that best meets their requirements and accommodates a variety of learning styles.

This Institute works tirelessly to enable multicultural and international student body education.

Tracking Student’s Progress

Experiential Micro-Credentials (XPMC), a project-based experiential learning approach that exposes students to actual business issues, has been introduced by MITSDE. In a group of five, they critically assess the scenario and develop a workable solution under the direction of the program manager and industry mentor. Lastly, it allows students to evaluate what they have learned, consider their strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint areas where they still need to grow.

With its better comprehension of fundamental business challenges, teamwork, and mentoring from academic and industry professionals, the XPMC program is a game changer that increases their employability prospects.

The data on user engagement analyzed at its end is quite promising and satisfying, showing the success of the curriculum enrichment. The concentration per cohort 1 of 200 students has increased from 57 percent to 78 percent. The engagement rate for cohort 2 is also higher, with 85 percent engagement levels.

Due to the XPMC program, it has been observed that the employability of MITSDE students has gone up tremendously from 48 percent to 72 percent for the first Cohort, and the employability percentage has seen an upside for Cohort 2 as well, with a rate of 81 percent.

The productivity not measured through metrics has also increased substantially due to learners working in a team of five members as a prerequisite for the XPMC program.

Addressing Challenges with Innovation

Where student engagement and motivation could be challenging in online classes, MIT School of Distance Education applies multiple approaches to tackle the issues and efficiently build a smooth learning environment.

Students experience interactive and engaging classes via programs like MITSDE Labs, MIT Harbour, MIT Bootcamp, and Synergy Sphere, as well as interactive content, attentive teachers, frequent evaluations, and mentoring.

A Piece of Advice for the Learners

MITSDE is an organization with a will to empower and educate students determined to achieve progress and success. It advises the learners pursuing distance learning to choose an institute for upskilling and ensure that it is accredited by regulatory authorities, namely AICTE or UGC. It is well-equipped to satisfy the learning needs and provide them with a 360-degree approach and experience in their learning journey.

Strategies for a Brighter Future

According to MITSDE, the XPMC program is a game changer with increased awareness of real business problems, working in teams supervised by academic and industry professionals, and enabling their employment opportunities.

According to the Institute, intense industry-academic engagement is closing the gap in the knowledge and skills needed by professionals in all sectors of the economy. Students must be exposed to the wide range of software tools and applications utilized in the industry, as these tools and applications are essential for hiring skilled individuals.

Rapid technological advancements like ChatGPT and generative AI are also significant in the education sector, and MITSDE has already taken steps to incorporate these advanced tools into its curriculum.

The dream of education and qualification shall always be encouraged; with this initiative to provide a quality distance learning program, MIT School of Distance Education is nurturing the dreams of thousands of learners.