Deep Mukharjee

LabourNet to Build India’s Largest Gig Business Platform SAHI, Appoints Deep Mukherjee as CEO

The Bengaluru based enterprise, known for pioneering new models of livelihood creation in the informal labour market, expects steep growth in demand for blue/grey-collar workers as the economy recovers from COVID. LabourNet has said that segments like eCommerce, Healthcare, Construction & Building Materials, Manufacturing and Sanitation will experience an explosion in demand while emerging industry segments like telemedicine will require ‘new-collar‘ workers or workers with skills that may not exist today.

The pandemic has issued a wake-up call. The impact on the lives and livelihoods of blue/grey-collar workers has been severe. The SAHI platform, as its name suggests, is our effort to set things right. We want to align the growth trajectory of the industry with the development trajectory of informal labourers. The platform will aggregate skilled workers from across the country and connect them to temp and gig opportunities. Industry sectors where speed of delivery, credible skill certification, and quality of workforce has been an issue will experience a remarkable difference. We believe Deep is the right person to lead this effort,” said Gayathri Vasudevan, LabourNet’s Chairperson.

Prior to accepting this position, Deep Mukherjee was part of the corporate team at Star (Disney India) serving as Sr. Vice President and part of the core team that planned the launch and rapid market penetration of the Star Sports network. Deep was also a co-founding member at TeamLease, a leading temp staffing firm. He has also held leadership roles at Kelly India, a leader in the temp and contract recruitment industry and NIIT, a market-leader known for industry-focused skills development.

As part of the announcement, Deep shared his roadmap for the one-of-a-kind platform, and how it would be built to solve on-ground problems that are unique to the Indian context. He said, “The industry has already started shifting from ‘manpower supply‘ to ‘skill-based, outcome-focused, on-demand gig staffing‘. India has a sizable working population and our economy has always had an element of entrepreneurship. The potential for the economy is enormous, if we can capitalise on the opportunity. The only thing missing is the ability to source and supply skills mapped to the industry’s business logic at scale. The SAHI platform will leverage technology, as well as LabourNet’s pan-India on-ground network to solve this. LabourNet’s experience of connecting 1 million skilled workers to jobs and structured data from 9 million resumes will be instrumental in our success. I’m excited to be a part of this effort.”

The company said that the SAHI platform would aim for all-round technological transformation, not only fulfilling the industry’s demand for quality labour comprehensively, but also protecting workers from underpaid work, non-payment of dues, and poor quality work.