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KONE India’s Best HR Practices | Saravanan MP | Director of People & Communication | KONE India

Saravanan MPKONE India, a prestigious name in the elevator and escalator industry, stands as a beacon of best HR practices in the corporate landscape. Their HR practices have been increasingly focusing on a sense of purpose and activities that add value to an organisation as a whole. It has helped the enterprise build resilience, increase productivity, identify and address issues early, and foster an environment of safety and security. Let us delve deeper into the best HR practices of KONE India.

Safety is a top priority

At KONE India, safety is the top priority, and the ultimate goal is zero accidents. With seamless processes and professional people, the enterprise strives to cultivate a safe workplace for their employers, sub-contractors, and even business partners. Moreover, everyone associated with KONE India is expected to abide by safety guidelines and regulations, making every stakeholder practice safety as a way of life. Furthermore, there are several activities in terms of safety programmes, such as National Safety Week and Global Safety Week that drive safety performance improvement.

More focus on sustainability

Sustainability is one of the core principles of KONE India, which is why this practice is embedded in all aspects of their business. The organisation strives to reduce the environmental impact by focusing on energy efficiency, utilisation of recycled materials, waste reduction, and low-carbon technologies. KONE India thinks of sustainability in a broad sense, covering their offerings, operations, and culture while simultaneously focusing on diversity, inclusion, ethics, and compliance. By aligning the sustainability goals with the infrastructure sector, the organisation is fostering a synergy between urban development and protection of the environment.

Fostering an exceptional workplace

In today’s dynamic work environment, employees face challenges in terms of constantly adapting, growing, and acquiring new skills. KONE India has been steadfast in addressing these issues through the consistent integration of best HR practices. This, in turn, has helped the organisation cultivate a culture of trust, transparency, and innovation. Winning Great Place to Work® CertifiedTM in India for the fourth consecutive time is testimony to their commitment to foster an exceptional work environment. Overall, KONE India has been delivering a consistent experience to all the employees, irrespective of their role, gender, tenure, or level.

KONE India: pioneering the art of HR excellence

Well-implemented human resources (HR) practices have a strategic role in shaping work culture and core values with regards to organisational goals. An effective HR system supports the organisation in every aspect, including operations, functions, competition, and the work environment. The real strength of best HR practices lies in the fact that they enhance overall organisational resilience through effective leadership and continuous improvement.
Through the consistent integration of best HR practices, KONE India has nurtured a work culture marked by trust, inclusion, and collaboration. With a prominent focus on safety, sustainability, and fostering an exceptional workplace, it has mastered the art of HR excellence. At the core of organisational triumph lie the best HR practices, and KONE India has consistently exemplified this principle.