Ashok Thussu

Knowledge without Application is a zero-sum game | Ashok Thussu | Director & Co Founder | LMI India

Ashok ThussuWe have assessment tools at every stage that find root causes of blockage points within the person and techniques of facilitative coaching that help people bridge these gaps as well as world class ideas on what and how to accomplish change.

Our process is deployed across several weeks and we have once a week half day workshops run on a group coaching environment. The intervening week is to apply the ideas, do new things with new perspectives, overcome attitudinal barriers – this is the catalyst that provides change.

All this is done with live goals which we set up at the beginning of the intervention using tools to elicit out better than normal attainments on a 3-4- month time horizon.

This ensures that when the intervention completes visible and measurable results have happened. There is clear ROI visible, and both business results and incredible personal change to show. Improved work life balance!

There is an acute shortage of leaders, good people are difficult to find. This makes the case stronger of growing your people to peak performance levels and capable on taking on more responsibility.

Years back, when the Aditya Birla group had selected 100 high potentials from across their companies, they deployed the LMI flagship EPP program and greatly empowered these people to grow as leaders.

In 2023 we nominated Schwing Stetter for the LMI world client of the year (they have over 200 people do the Flagship program, starting from the top) and an independent jury selected them. It was great when their Managing Director, Mr. V. G. Sakthikumar came to the Las Vegas convention to receive the award and enthralled everyone sharing the behaviour change of not only the people, as also of their organizational culture. He shared clear intangible as well as tangible results they obtained and a many times ROI in money terms to show. He says to quote:

While we have always grown leaders from within the organization, avoiding lateral entry, the program has impacted us in a very significant manner in our quest for generating in-house leadership and succession planning.

Barriers have melted and department silos have been broken, and everyone looks at organizational goals.

Mere training done on one day or two-day patterns with impressive PowerPoints and Trainers cannot fulfil such promise, they lack the rigour, application agenda as well as capability to instil changed behaviours.