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Importance of “HR Marketing” in Organisations | Aparna Sharma | Consulting Editor | The People Management

What is “HR Marketing”?

aparna sharma“HR Marketing” is a new type of HR that indicates that your company is the “best place to work,” resulting in a strong brand.

Marketing may be used to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, and create the ideal mental picture of the firm in the minds of customers.

At the same time, it may be used to recruit new human resources, increase employee loyalty, retain top talent, and create the necessary mental image of the organisation in the minds of human resources and job seekers.

The target audience for these two marketing uses differs. The first application is for engaging with customers and establishing a good reputation with them.

The second purpose is to communicate with and develop a positive reputation with the organisation’s human resources and future candidates.

The second use of marketing is based on seeing human resources as a target market that necessitates attention to understanding their demands in order to serve them and put tactics in place to increase their loyalty This is a point of view that aids in the completion of duties in the field of human resources.

In other words, your work in human resources and marketing are comparable in that both are concerned with economic considerations as well as a person’s psychological state.

As a result, Human Resources Marketing may be defined as the use of marketing to manage human resources inside a business.

Why should your work in Human Resources Management be similar to Marketing?

Your work in human resources necessitates the usage of marketing methods. Because it enables you to take care of your responsibilities more efficiently and successfully. Here are some of the tasks that may be improved by learning marketing:

– Attract the top talents: According to a recent survey, 90% of employers believe it is critical to recruit applicants whose culture matches that of the firm.

It is difficult to persuade an employee whose culture is incompatible with the organisation’s ideals to act in accordance with them.

You may use marketing to recruit applicants who have a culture that is compatible with the organisation’s culture. You can tell them about the organisation’s culture so that the applicants may analyze how well their culture fits in with it.

A recruiting pipeline, similar to a sales pipeline, is meant to filter potential applicants in order to reach the appropriate candidates, and this pipeline is coupled with content marketing that promotes the culture of the organisation at various phases of this pipeline.

Social media may be utilised for content marketing and contact with prospective candidates. It is more about recruiting the appropriate applicants. As a result, it is critical to understand the features of a possible applicant in order to create effective content.

– Reducing work turnover: 73% of professionals quit their jobs owing to a misalignment between their culture and the culture of the organisation. As a result, it is critical to reducing the costs of staff turnover by:

Attracting applicants with a culture that matches the culture of the organisation, since they are likely to stay with the organisation for an extended length of time.

Marketing the organisation’s culture to its employees, as well as highlighting the particular value that the organisation gives them.

– Interaction with human resources: You may hone your marketing abilities and use them in your interactions with people. The better you interact with human resources, the more you contribute to their success and the organisation’s reputation.

Your interactions with human resources may inspire them to show their delight in working in this organisation, and to promote their culture with others.

Increasing their involvement may be encouraged by employing user experience enhancement approaches and proving the value given to human resources and the other departments.

The importance of Training in HR Marketing:

Given the importance of human resources marketing, it is critical to have the appropriate abilities. When you are interested in marketing training, you may make a significant impact in your human resources jobs.

However, human resources marketing skills are a group of talents, not a single skill, and each of these skills assists you in doing your job with elements that complement the characteristics offered by the rest of the skills, examples of these skills are as follows:

– Effective Communication Skills: required if you manage human resources in a marketing-oriented manner. The essence of this strategy is communication. That is, it is one of the most critical marketing talents required by human resources managers.

– Social media skills: Social media serves as a marketing tool, allowing you to advertise and communicate with human resources and job seekers, as well as to conduct your human resources activities efficiently and effectively.

Social media has evolved into a popular mode of communication. For example, when a job seeker wants to learn more about the company. It typically begins with social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

– Collaboration skills: assist you in working with the entire company. The technique of collaboration differs depending on your level of the job.

So, as we discovered, the duties you undertake in human resources are comparable to marketing tasks, since both are focused on the economic and psychological elements of human resources. Richard Branson says “Clients don’t come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.