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How Work from Home is Revolutionizing the Corporate Universe | Amit Singal | Founder & CEO of Maatri

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We are in a state of a “New Normal” in the corporate world as the “Work from Home” culture has advanced to a new level. In my opinion, work from home is very much feasible in the long run as it provides a lot of benefits but for the model to succeed, there is a lot of innovation and introspection to be done by companies and individuals. The Opex reduction in terms of Office rentals and other indirect expenses, unproductive office transit time, flexibility to work, reduction in the commute and other home expenses, quality time with family, reduction in stress levels, reduction in pollution levels are some of the benefits which are seen for corporates and individuals. The wait time on traffic signals, the time to wait for parking, the uncertainty of when to reach a location, the constant worry of loved ones are some of the things which I feel many of us believe are things of the past now.

Offices, I feel have been a source of escape mode for people where they can socialize with their friends, peers and this change of locations helps many. So, if in the long run, we have to make “Work from home” a success, companies need to work on some innovative ideas for social gatherings. What the companies should in turn work on is to increase Off Sites and build on more team building and motivational activities as the bonding or exchange of ideas which one is missing and that is extremely important. This will help bridge and bring a more balanced approach by bringing the best in people in terms of social interaction as that is the pertinent need of every human to meet others and gives us the freedom to express ourselves.

The data shows that the work hours for people has increased but as said everything has a cost and we as professionals should accept it as have seen so many parents not able to spend time with their kids or parents, missing the childhood of the young ones, on family activities but as I see it this is the time of evolution for a lot of us. Spend time on activities which you have been longing to do as I started cooking a lot and took hold of my health. The extended time at hand has given more to correct or redraw the life map and make some corrections.

Every new change will have its pros and cons but we always have to see the brighter picture and what I believe this situation has done for us is to demarcate the difference between “Need” and “Want”. If we as people can do that a lot of problems will settle in our minds and in turn bring more calmness, thus helping make our decisions better. I believe that in the long run “Work from Home ” is there to stay and what better way to live one’s life in the comfort of homes and work from our new “Home Office” which will add an entrepreneurial flavor to many.

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Amit Singal, Founder & CEO of Maatri – is a digital health ecosystem that aims to empower the mother and the family further in helping her manage the different aspects of their health.