Bhavya Vankar

How Women can better prepare themselves for a successful career by being confident in their abilities? | Dr Bhavya Vankar | Co-Founder | Quantum CorpHealth

Bhavya VankarIn today’s fast paced corporate world, women are making significant strides in every industry. While women are gaining independence outside the home, they are facing mounting challenges in the workplace. Obstacles like the glass ceiling, gender disparity, and imposter syndrome are all major issues that plague women in the workplace.

However, it is important to remember that working on oneself and building confidence is an indispensable trait, and can not only enhance performance but also open doors to new opportunities and growth.

Success in today’s world is multifaceted for women. Some women may define success by being able to efficiently balance their work and personal life. Others may define it as climbing up the corporate ladder to the top, and being able to support themselves financially and live independently. However, personal fulfillment is the key to a successful life, while making a contribution to society and one’s own wellbeing and growth.

However, it is not only individual success that is important. As women in the workplace we must build a strong network for each other. Not only does it provide access to opportunities, but it can also open doors to mentorship and create a support system in male dominated industries. Women should put themselves out there as much as possible, and cultivate strong professional relationships with colleagues and mentors. Attending conferences and events, both offline and online, can help women in leveraging their value and connections to advance their careers.

Support systems are extremely important to have, as unfortunately, women still face many gender-based issues in the workplace. Women are constantly undervalued at work, and often underpaid as compared to their male counterparts who are at the same level. Pay equity, representation in leadership, and workplace culture are disadvantages that women face. When starting our careers women must be aware of these issues, and when one is able to, one must advocate for oneself and for their fellow peers in the workplace. By challenging biases and actively engaging in conversations surrounding these topics, women (and men) can contribute to building a more inclusive and empowering workplace.

Women are also often expected to balance work and life perfectly. It seems in today’s world that women have two options: to leave work once they are married and focus on building a home, or to balance child care, home life, and work life all at once. Setting boundaries and delegating responsibilities are key to being able to achieve the work-life balance that you need. Establishing a clear divide between work and personal life is necessary to avoid burnout at work, and resentment at home.

Goal setting is also another way that women can better prepare themselves for a career. Following the SMART method of setting goals, wherein one sets goals in a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound manner, can help women set a roadmap for career and life progression, in both long- and short-term timelines. Regularly reviewing and adjusting these goals can ensure continued growth and career progression for women.

In conclusion, a successful career for women depends on many factors, and it requires confidence and resilience to make it. Keeping in mind these points, i.e. networking, gender dynamics, goal-setting, work-life balance, and personal definitions of success, women can confidently navigate the maze of work life. Women should be determined and persevere to get what they deserve in the workplace, by seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles, so they can achieve their full potentials in and out of the workplace.