Charoo Aggarwal

GRG India is recognized for their comprehensive engagement and reward platform helping organizations achieve tangible business outcomes. | Charoo Aggarwal | Managing Director | GRG India

Charoo Aggarwal

Q1. GRG India is recognized as a leader in the business of employee, channel, and customer engagement solutions. How does GRG India help organizations to reach their business goals?

GRG India is recognized for their comprehensive engagement and reward platform helping organizations achieve tangible business outcomes. We help businesses through our scalable products, including:

Let’s Buzzz helps with increasing employee satisfaction, productivity and reducing employee
churn through engaging and rewarding employees. The platform enables CXOs and HR leaders to execute activities like reward payouts, award flows and communication. Consistent and meaningful employee engagement is especially important in COVID times and a remote working environment.

My Incentives rewards sales teams and channel partners based on attaining sales targets and milestones. This helps drive sales through real-time incentives and gamification, accelerates achievements of incentive driven milestones and has a tangible impact on the top and bottom line.

My Supercheques are digital e-codes for cash or gift vouchers, that can quickly and seamlessly be plugged into any campaigns for employees, retailers, distributors, sales teams or end customers. This enables companies to focus on their strategy and sales, rather than spending valuable time manually executing campaigns.

For over a decade, with innovative solutions, top quality brands and best-in-class service, GRG India has helped some of the biggest and the best-known organizations maximize sales, productivity and loyalty. Trusted by clients with their three most valuable assets: their people, their customers and their brand.

Q2. Do you agree that engaged and motivated employees are more productive?

Let’s accept that there is a war of talent amongst companies. Companies need to think smart about how to both attract and retain high quality talent. Employee engagement is one of the tools in your arsenal. Employee Engagement is not just about keeping employees happy; it is more about giving reasons for your employees to be enthusiastic about work; about being mentally and emotionally engaged with the workplace.

Gallup studies show how Employee Engagement enhances team member morale and efficiency, lowers absenteeism and increases productivity. Employee engagement also makes employees pay more attention to their output. They feel a stronger sense of ownership for results, rather than the sentiment that organization is the owner of results.

According to Gallup, there is 20% higher productivity in workplaces where employees are more engaged.

Q3. Reward system helps to motivate employees to achieve high-quality performance. Can you please elaborate on your reward incentive solutions and products?

A systematic and well executed reward system drives motivation at the workplace, which leads to high quality performance in the long run.

Let’s Buzzz, also known as Buzzz, is a platform for dedicated employee engagement and recognition at the workplace. These points are then showed across teams through a leadership board and social feed, employees can earn points through gamification, report real-time moods and surveys, and celebrate birthdays and service anniversaries. Each of these features rewards and recognizes employees on a point-based system.

My Incentives is a digitized incentive platform made exclusively for business facing onsite employees. It can also be used for channel partner loyalty or influencer loyalty program. My Incentives is also driven through a point based system, with banking grade security. There are multiple reward options including cash transfers and digital vouchers, approval workflows, target meters and real-time centralized dashboards to report progress.

My Supercheques is a dynamic platform that rewards in real-time. Digital codes or e-codes are issued that can be integrated with any reward and recognition campaign. The e-codes can be converted with ease to real-time rewards anytime.

Q4. What are the top trends in Employee Reward Programs?

Businesses are moving towards a people-first culture, increasing the awareness and demand for employee reward programs.

Some major trends include:

Transition to the digital world: With the impact of COVID-19 on remote working, and general increasing adoption to digital first ways of working, employee reward programs are also moving online. This helps – as digital rewards overcome all challenges of physical systems- much faster, more flexible, error free and cost effective.

Decline in engagement and work satisfaction: Remote work and COVID-19 related business pressures has been linked to a 91% decline in Net Promoter Scores (O.C.Tanner, 2021), 57% increase in disengagement and lower budget allocation towards employee recognition programs. ‘The Great Resignation’ has been coined as the phenomenon in which record number of people are leaving their jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic ends

Transition of control of rewards from employers to employees: Rather that the management or HR deciding how and what to reward, digital employee engagement solutions move control of rewards towards team leads and even the employees themselves. This also shifts reward and recognition from once a year appraisal cycles to real time. Teams have a bigger say on who, how and when to reward – better reflecting the ongoing realities of day to day work and business outcomes.

Gamification to drive engagement: Gamification specifically increases intrinsic motivation. It is a fantastic learning tool, and motivates employees to participate in a bottom up manner, rather than managers making engagement activities mandatory.

Q5. What are the best practices in Rewards and Recognition in the New Normal?

Hybrid and remote working come with its own pro’s and cons. A well-structured program helps in creating a culture which fosters appreciation. Some of the best practices are:

− Comprehensive all-inclusive digital Reward & Recognition platforms, making in office employee engagement events available on the platform
− Making Recognition a social experience since remote and hybrid working limits physical interactions.
− Gamification to better engage and relevant rewards to motivate employees.
− Mood analysis and survey insights for timely interventions.
− Seamless multi-device and multi-location accessibility