greytHR Releases Survey Report on Happiness at the Workplace 2024

greytHRgreytHR, a full-suite HRMS platform provider, has released its report based on a survey on Happiness at the Workplace 2024. The survey was launched in the run up to the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

greytHR surveyed HR admins, business owners, and employees to analyze employee happiness at the workplace. The questions spanned factors contributing to employee happiness, challenges faced by HR, and measuring employee happiness, among others. The survey offered the option to select multiple answers for each question.

The respondents selected ‘good work-life balance’ as the main factor contributing to employee happiness. When it comes to maintaining workplace happiness, the majority of the responses indicated a ‘lack of recognition’ as the main HR challenge.

“At the core of our business lies a profound dedication to people. Prioritizing workplace happiness is paramount to us. This survey is one of our initiatives that enables organizations to understand the changing expectations of employees. This can help them improve employee engagement and enhance happiness while creating a more productive workplace,” stated Girish Rowjee, Co-founder and CEO, greytHR.

‘Recognition for employee achievements’ was the most popular way to improve employee happiness, as most of the respondents voted in favor of it. The survey also included questions on measuring happiness.

About 58% of the employees surveyed chose flexible hours or remote work as the top factor to improve happiness at work.

The greytHR survey has many useful pointers on key factors contributing to employee happiness at the workplace.

The complete survey and an in-depth analysis of its findings can be accessed here.

The Heart of Happiness at Work: Insights from the greytHR Survey: