Erekrut Launches OneDayHire, Setting a New Benchmark in Recruitment Speed and Precision 2 mins Job Posting using AI

ErekrutErekrut, a pioneer in HR technology, unveiled OneDayHire, a transformative solution that promises to redefine the recruitment landscape. This innovative platform is poised to revolutionize how companies connect with talent, offering an unprecedented ability to deliver 50-100 pre-qualified candidates within just 30 minutes of posting a job. OneDayHire is not just a new tool—it’s a breakthrough in recruitment technology.

OneDayHire stands out with several key features. It delivers candidates within 30 minutes of job posting, eliminating long waiting periods. The service is cost-effective, offering leads for just INR 299 each, ensuring financial efficiency. Payment options are adaptable to fit different organizational budgets and preferences. Additionally, the platform is designed for a streamlined user experience, allowing recruiters to post jobs and receive candidates with minimal hassle.

Since its beta launch, OneDayHire has shown impressive success. The platform has seen strong adoption with over 800 job postings, indicating high demand and confidence in its capabilities. It has received positive reviews from more than 80 leading corporations, validating its performance and reliability. With projections of 200-300 daily job postings and 50-100 new recruiter registrations, OneDayHire is poised for rapid scaling and is on track to become a vital tool in the recruitment industry.

Ajay Goyal, Founder and CEO of Erekrut, commented, “The launch of OneDayHire marks a pivotal moment in recruitment history. This platform was conceived from the need to drastically enhance recruitment dynamics, which we have achieved. OneDayHire reflects our commitment to innovation and our deep understanding of the recruitment challenges that plague modern businesses. It is more than just a tool—it is the future of hiring, available today.”

OneDayHire emerges in response to the critical challenges faced by recruiters today, addressing the inefficiencies that have long plagued the hiring process. Leveraging advanced algorithms, OneDayHire matches job requirements with candidate profiles with unprecedented accuracy. This precision significantly reduces the effort and time recruiters typically spend in the screening process. Initial trials and user feedback highlight OneDayHire’s effectiveness, with over 100 recruiters used the paid services since its beta release. The platform has shown to reduce hiring timelines in screening candidates, time spent on posting jobs and faster candidate sourcing.

“From the beginning, our mission at Erekrut has been to tackle the most formidable challenges of the recruitment industry. Inch by inch, we’ve honed our technology to address these challenges, culminating in the creation of OneDayHire, fully automated and streamlined. This is just the beginning. We are continuously enhancing our platform, integrating advanced functionalities to accelerate and refine the hiring process even further. Our goal is clear: to make recruitment not just faster, but smarter and more efficient for everyone involved”, Dr Ravinder Goyal, Tech Co-Founder, opined.