Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Performance | Chiranjeevi Pannem | Chief Human Resource Officer | Blue Square Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Chiranjeevi PannemRecently there were many articles addressing “Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Performance” while it differs from organization to organization size, culture and vision but the possible problems are listed down here with solutions.

Writer W. Gibb Dyer, Jeffrey and William often say that high performance teams are categorized with 4 C’s

1. The context for the team
2. The composition of the team
3. The competencies of the team
4. The change management skills of the team

Ineffective teams are often characterized by one or more of the following conditions, and the consultant should watch for evidence of these conditions:

• Domination by the leader
• Warring cliques or subgroups
• Unequal participation and uneven use of group resources
• Rigid or dysfunctional group norms and procedures
• A climate of defensiveness or fear
• A lack of creative alternatives to problems
• Restricted communications—not all have opportunities to speak
• Avoidance of differences or potential conflicts

Possible Solutions

Among the possible actions that managers might take to get started are these:

1. Have an outside person interview each team member to identify problems, concerns, and the need for change.
2. Invite an outside speaker to talk about the role of teams in organizations and the purposes of team development. The speaker might discuss the Four Cs of team performance and how they might relate to the performance of that team.
3. Gather data on the level of team effectiveness.
4. Have a general discussion about the need for developing a team competency—which can emerge through a teambuilding program.
5. Invite a manager who has had successful team-building experiences to describe the activities and results in his or her unit.