BosonQ Psi

Deep-tech startup allows a 60-min ‘Me-Time’ for its employees to re-energize

BosonQ PsiBosonQ Psi (BQP), a Quantum-powered simulation software startup has launched one-of-its-kind HR policies to strengthen its commitment towards the employees with an aim to become the Employer Start-up of Choice.

According to a statement, BQP’s HR policies rests on the key pillar of employee welfare. Keeping in mind every aspect of employee’s health and well-being, the start-up has introduced an entirely unique concept of Me-time and Nap-Time.

‘Me-Time’ accords one hour of leisure time for employees every working day to engage in activities of their choice like playing games, watching movies, yoga, etc. Leisure time is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. Furthermore, not only does it improve employees’ mental health, but taking a break from work can also increase their productivity when they return.

During this period, employees unplug themselves from the rest of the world and do something to help them re-energize and re-charge themselves in a holistic manner. By having a ‘Me-Time’, employees come back with more energy and with a fresh mind.

Sharing his thoughts on the policies, Aditya Singh, HR Head, BQP, said, “We believe that a compassionate working atmosphere improves employee happiness and satisfaction which leads better productivity at the work-place. Sixty minutes of Me-Time is by far the most favorite among employees. And it is sure to heighten productivity at work besides making it enjoyable and more like a fun day that people don’t want to miss instead of a boring daily schedule.”

Nap-Time is another great feature of their policy that encourages employees to take 20 minutes of power nap at work. The concept of Nap-time is introduced with the thought that regular naps during Covid times had heightened productivity among the members. Moreover, studies also show that day-time napping can enhance alertness, reduce fatigue, increased productivity among others.

Besides, keeping the special needs of the women folk in mind, they are allowed to avail two period leaves so as to get sufficient rest during those difficult days. Having employee welfare at the core, Mental well-being leaves have been introduced to curtail stressors at work and retort with a refreshed mind.

BQP is the first start-up to redefine HR policies keeping employee’s emotional and mental well-being at the center in the post Covid era. Their creative policies reiterate their promise to build a happy work atmosphere and nurture passionate teams.

The young start-up has embarked on a journey to success and hopes that this initiative will help in building its legacy of being an employee-centric organization and creating an exceptional talent edge.