Saurabh Jain

CHRO and the CFO – Equal partners | Saurabh Jain | Founder & CEO | Spire AI

Saurabh Jain“Both the CHRO’s expertise in talent management and the CFO’s financial acumen play crucial roles. A strong talent strategy is key to success. We’ve seen a growing trend of collaboration between these leaders, working together to drive organizational goals. However, our work with global clients across industries reveals there’s more to the story. We’ve identified additional factors shaping talent agendas, offering valuable insights beyond just collaboration.

The CFO as Talent Champion Driving Success in Professional Services Organizations (PSO): In PSOs, the talent supply chain has a direct impact on revenue and margins. By placing the CFO at the forefront of the talent matrix, PSOs leverage financial expertise and strategic thinking to build a high-performing workforce that drives sustainable revenue growth and profitability with the help of CHRO and Talent Supply Chain Leadership.

For Core Industries, CHROs Deliver the Talent Strategy and Vision: Core industries provide operating freedom to CHROs to remodel the organization’s talent for the future. This translates into agility—the ability to effectively nurture existing talent, upskill them for changing needs, and attract new talent aligned with evolving business goals. This requires investments, and CFOs need to understand and appreciate the organization’s talent
strategy, which powers business growth.

As equal partners, they bridge the gap between financial planning and human resource management, ensuring the organization remains agile and competitive. CFOs and CHROs can engage and ally early in strategic planning to encourage disciplined focus on strategic goals.”