Rashmi Ramani

Challenges in Hiring Top/ Senior Talent | Rashi Ramani | Head – Talent Acquisition and Talent Management | Religare Health Insurance Co.Ltd.

Rashmi RamaniSenior management in any organisation defines the culture, hence, it becomes imperative and the most crucial aspect to look while hiring for a senior talent. Since, adaptability to the culture is an important aspect, hence, organisations should look at talent from inside before going outside. Employees who have spent time in the organisation not only understands the culture best but with larger responsibilities are motivated to perform, which acts in favour of any organisation. While there are other transactional challenges attached to reach out to the right passive or may be an active job seeker, measuring candidate with right emotional quotient along with behavioural assessment becomes the key and is equally challenging. Lot of times it is based on the gut or some form of assessment which may not be completely right or in line with company’s value system.. Along with business acumen and role understanding, overall attitude also is paramount.