Bhupendra Kaushal

Campus to Corporate – Industry must not reject freshers because of no experience or less experience | Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal | Head – Manufacturing (HR) | Zydus wellness Ltd

Bhupendra KaushalPREFACE:

India has world largest graduates and world largest illiterate at the same time. This is a Precarious and paradoxical situation in the job market. India is facing unemployment of  educated workforce beside unemployment of  illiterate workforce for various reasons .Demand for the labour is less than supply of skilled workforce leading to poor wage rates or less salary . De-facto, there is acute shortage of employable workforce due to multiple reasons leading to educated employment.

Management Colleges, ITI, Polytechnic and Engineering Institutes are producing qualified workforce In each year as compared to the available vacancies, leading to huge widening gap between demand for the workforces and supply of the workforce in both white collared and blue-collared workforce.

Employment ratio is high for those passing out from Branded Business schools, Engineering Institutes, or diploma Institutes, which is not affordable by general populace.  Whereas, general university pass out candidates remain unemployed at the mercy of god leading to the gaps arisen out of two layers of society between haves and haves not.  Hence, any fresher if not selected from the campus remain to the mercy of references of relatives or industrial colleagues. We need to understand the reasons of unemployment and way forward from campus to corporate.

– Poor English communication.
– Poor Interview skills.
– Poor Infrastructure of government collages / Polytechnic / ITI.
– Poor domain knowledge.
– Poor employability.
– Lack of Networking in Industries.
– Lack of wiliness from Industry to provide internship / summer training.
– Lack of support from the Industry to hire fresher from non-branded Institutions.

Industries must provide space for the fresher in the matters of internship / summer training / employment as GET / DET/MT. Industry must not reject fresher because of no experience or less experience.

Hence, Fresher’s also must have command over domain knowledge to clear written tests and Interviews or group discussion. Hence, Institute must provide space for the fresher at the same time Candidates must also focus to gain expertise for survival. Fresher must follow the following steps for improvements as under:

– Prepare Powerful resume.
– Develop Effective communication.
– Interview skills.
– Update domain knowledge.
– Networking skills.

Each field is important and have equal employment opportunities in the all segment of employment provided you are exceptional or above average in your area of domain. There is no survival or sustainability in the employment for average or below average candidate including fresher. One need to be domain expert to get a job as fresher but needs additional skills to retain a job instead of job hopper in the careers .There is no dearth of opportunities. Old designations are vanished and new designation are in the job market. Please find herewith-new career opportunities as a fresher for glance in new job market.

1 Stenosecretery DNA-Engineer
2 Supervisors Tissue Engineer
3 Personal Officer AI-Specialist
4 Time Keeper Block Chain Specialist
5 Social Officer Data Scientist
6 Mukaddam HR-Analytics
7 Personal Assistant Legal Analytics
8 Badli Drone Technology
9 Waterman Robotics
10 Clerks Mechatronics
11 Oversear SEO Specialist
12 Water woman 3D Printing
13 Office Assistant Animations

Hence, there is no shortcut to success from fresher’s to experience professionals. One need to upskill / reskill as continuous processes to remain relevant as per changing technology in the changing business module.

All present / future professionals should read, upgrade and network himself to remain the competitive job market . Always remember , It is survival for the fittest.