Ranjita Raman

Breaking the Barriers: Overcoming Challenges to Advance Women’s Careers | Ranjita Raman | CEO | Jaro Education

Ranjita RamanIn the past three decades, women in India have been taking control of their own career trajectory, breaking the societal view that they are only meant to handle home and family. Despite their progress and success stories, women still face numerous challenges through the course of their careers. To make significant strides in their professional lives, women must thoroughly commit to their work and treat their career aspirations with as much importance as they do to the needs of their families. By focusing on career goals, taking control of their environment, and developing a realistic balance between work and family, women can achieve the professional heights they desire.

In addition to individual efforts, organizational support plays a critical role in women’s career advancement. A company that is committed to gender equality will actively work towards creating an inclusive culture where women feel supported and empowered to pursue their professional goals. An organizational policy that provides flexible work arrangements can allow both male and female employees to balance work and assist at home, laying the path for a robust cultural impact.

Organizations must also ensure equal pay for equal work. Women are often paid less than their male counterparts for the same job role and it is important to take steps to eliminate such disparities. In addition, companies must put emphasis on developing internal regulations around sexual harassment at workplaces and safety of women employees during travel.

Organizations must also constantly evolve their policies around pregnancy and motherhood, based on latest research and provide necessary support to the female employees as they strive to deliver their best work.

Further to these specific measures, companies can create a supportive culture that encourages women to pursue leadership roles. One way to do this is by offering mentoring programs, where female employees can learn from successful women within the company and receive guidance on how to advance in their careers. Organizations can also create networking opportunities that allow women to connect with one another, share experiences, and learn from one another.

It is essential for women to increase their knowledge and skills in order to stay competitive in the job market. Taking proactive steps such as pursuing specialized courses and attending professional development workshops can help them stay ahead of the curve. Organizations can support their employees in this regard by providing opportunities for professional development.

Breaking the barriers and overcoming challenges to propel the careers of women requires a concerted effort from the women themselves and the organizations they work for. By providing a supportive environment that encourages growth and development, companies can contribute to building a society where the idea of a career-oriented woman may spread out to more corners of India.