Remya Mariam Thomas

Beyond Empowerment: Celebrating the Innate Strengths of Women Attributed to Remya Mariam Thomas | Head – Human Resources & Admin |Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Remya Mariam ThomasIn a world where discussions about women’s rights and empowerment often take centre stage, it’s time to pause and recognize a fundamental truth: women don’t need empowerment. They have strength, resilience, and courage inherently woven into their being. The notion of “empowerment” often implies that women need to be bestowed with power from an external source. However, true empowerment comes from within. It is about recognizing and harnessing the innate capabilities that women already possess.

Going Beyond Empowerment: While commendable, initiatives and programs aimed at empowering women often overlook their innate strength, agency, and capacity to catalyse change, reducing them to mere recipients of empowerment. Women should recognize their inherent thoughts, strength, and resilience as sources of empowerment and inspiration, rather than relying solely on external validation.

In their journey towards achieving goals and objectives, women must possess the courage to defy expectations, challenge traditions, and pioneer new pathways. This inner strength empowers them to fearlessly confront authority, uphold their beliefs, and advocate for causes that resonate with their values. True courage for women lies in bravely confronting fears and boldly navigating through adversity, rather than in being devoid of fear altogether. It is this unwavering resolve that propels them forward, enabling them to make impactful strides even in the face of daunting challenges.

When it comes to taking chances, stepping outside of their comfort zones, and embracing uncertainty in the pursuit of their objectives, women exhibit courage. Their capacity to face societal expectations, cultural conventions, and systematic injustices with fortitude and unflinching drive is indicative of this.

Moreover, it’s essential to acknowledge that women are not a monolithic group. They encompass a diverse range of experiences, identities, and perspectives. Any discussion about women’s strength and resilience must be intersectional, considering the unique challenges faced by women of different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses.

Embracing Career Transitions: Imagine a woman who decides to transition to a completely different industry or role, despite the uncertainties and challenges involved. By taking this leap of faith and venturing into unfamiliar territory, she showcases her courage to embrace change and pursue her professional growth beyond conventional boundaries.

Promoting Inclusive Communication: In a corporate setting where diverse perspectives are valued, a woman actively fosters a culture of inclusive communication. She encourages all team members, regardless of gender, to speak up and contribute their ideas, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels empowered and valued. Her efforts to promote inclusivity and amplify diverse voices demonstrate her courage to champion positive workplace dynamics.

Breaking Cultural Norms: In a conservative cultural setting where women are expected to prioritize familial duties over personal aspirations, a woman decides to pursue higher education or start her own business. Despite facing resistance and criticism from family and society, her courage to defy cultural expectations enables her to pursue her passions and chart her own path.

Advocating for Gender Equality: Imagine a woman who becomes actively involved in community initiatives or advocacy groups focused on promoting gender equality and fostering inclusivity. Despite the possibility of encountering resistance or societal expectations to conform, she courageously chooses to lend her voice to the cause. By engaging in conversations, organizing events, and supporting policies that aim to dismantle gender biases and systemic injustices, she becomes a catalyst for positive change. Her courage not only amplifies her own voice but also inspires others to join the collective effort towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the progress made towards gender equality, let us remember that women don’t need empowerment. They need recognition, respect, and support to thrive and unleash their full potential. It’s time to shift the narrative from empowering women to empowering societies to embrace and uplift the inherent strength, resilience, and courage of women everywhere.