Subramanyam S

An interview with Subramanyam S | Founder & CEO | AscentHR

Subramanyam S

Q1. How is AscentHR helping Corporate HR Leaders in terms of your products and services?

At AscentHR, we lead the transformation of HR by delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative products to Corporate HR Leaders. Our state-of-the-art HRMS platform, StoHRM, revolutionizes HR processes from hire to retire, seamlessly integrating payroll, performance management, and employee self-service portals. Our advanced analytics and automation tools empower HR leaders with data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency. We also prioritize comprehensive benefits administration and financial wellness programs, ensuring employees are well-supported and engaged. Beyond technology, our recruitment services, strategic HR consulting, and leadership development programs help organizations attract, retain, and develop top talent. By partnering with AscentHR, businesses can drive strategic growth and operational excellence, transforming their HR operations and achieving success.

Q2. Managing multi-country payroll is a complex and challenging task for businesses operating in multiple countries. How do your payroll services cover the essential elements?

Managing payroll across multiple countries is indeed complex, but our Payroll services effectively address this. We ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, handle multiple currencies and exchange rates, and provide a centralized platform for payroll management. Our robust security measures protect data, and our local experts ensure accuracy and compliance. Additionally, our system automates calculations to minimize errors, and we offer employee self-service portals to enhance user experience and reduce HR workload.

Q3. The Corporate Compliance Function is essential for any organization. Please elaborate on AscentHR’s Comprehensive Compliance Solutions from Start-up Companies to Multi-National Corporates.

Absolutely. At AscentHR, we offer compliance solutions for all business sizes. For start-ups, we help establish regulatory foundations. For larger companies, we ensure global compliance with automated monitoring and reporting. With StoHRM now available for SMEs, our services include risk assessments, policy development, and continuous regulatory updates, ensuring smooth and compliant operations for start-ups, SMEs, and multinational corporations alike.

Q4. How have you seen the evolution of the HR industry, and how has the growth changed over a period of time?

The HR industry has evolved from focusing on administrative tasks to playing a strategic role in business success. Today, HR is integral in shaping company culture, enhancing employee engagement, and aligning talent management with business goals. Technology, especially HRMS platforms like StoHRM, has automated routine tasks and provided valuable analytics for data-driven decisions. HR now acts as a strategic partner, driving business growth and innovation and adapting to trends like remote work, making it essential for navigating today’s dynamic business environment.

Q5. What is your message/advice to HR Leaders for Future Work trends in coming years?

Looking ahead, the HR landscape is set for exciting changes. My advice to HR leaders is to stay ahead by embracing flexibility and innovation. Focus on creating inclusive policies and investing in technology that enhances collaboration and productivity. Prioritize employee well-being and foster a culture of continuous learning to build a resilient workforce. Ensure your HR strategies are aligned with your business goals to drive growth and stay competitive. Stay agile, be proactive, and always keep your people at the heart of your initiatives.