Judy Manjlekar

An interview with Judy Manjlekar | Director -People & Culture, India and APAC | Technip Energies

Judy Manjlekar

Q1. Technip Energies is a leading Engineering & Technology company for the energy transition. Please share how is Technip Energies India, putting employee experience at the center of people management?

Technip Energies is a global engineering & technology company leading its customers on the net-zero trajectory. Headquartered in France, the company has a presence in India for over 60 years and currently operates with an employee base of 3500+ in India. Technip Energies India follows the same employee policies as Technip Energies’ group; creating a superior employee experience is one of our top priorities. Our inherent culture for a work-life balance, and superior employee policies have encouraged new joinees to adhere to a mutual growth culture.

Employee benevolent policies, such as the implementation of SmartWorking initiative for hybrid & flex-work arrangements, wellness programs including mental health support, and collaborative culture facilitated by advanced technology for knowledge sharing – these all play a role in creating the best in class employee experience.

Q2. What are the values & ideologies of Technip Energies that keep you ahead in wining employee confidence?

Our policies for equal opportunity for all, recognition for talent, tailor-made learning & development programme for employees, our focus & investment in R&D keeps us on the growth trajectory as a solution-oriented company – all these have a positive impact on potential talent. And, we are always backed by data. We are a socially responsible company with sustainability at the core of our business. Our commitment to good health and gender equality is backed by our publicly disclosed targets. We have a global gender diversity target of 50% female employees by 2050 and currently, we are at 21.43% in India which is way higher than the average in our industry. We believe in investing in upskilling and reskilling, with a growth mindset for employees. Technip Energies India invested 46,109 work hours in employee training at the end of the last quarter.

Our workforce represents more than 100 different nationalities. Which means we have a pool of diverse talents. We are working on developing more local talent and preparing them for leadership roles.

We have Employee Resource Groups in different parts of the organization, several Women networks, as well as BOLD (Black & Brown Organization for Leadership and Development) in the US. These groups are run by employees and are a very powerful forum to create open and collaborative dialogue and raise awareness of equality and diversity. The company is committed to creating equal opportunities for all.

Q3. What are the top challenges for HR Leaders in the years coming ahead?

The whole industry is transforming towards low-carbon initiatives and all associated are excited about the challenges ahead of us. From an HR perspective, I think it’s important to engage our people and attract new talents, developing them to be future-ready is a challenge. It is a good challenge and we at Technip Energies are already on that trajectory.

Q4. What is your recruitment policy when it comes to promoting DE&I at the workplace?

Our organization is committed to fostering gender diversity, through a multifaceted approach. As a core engineering company, we put extra effort into filling the position at the senior level with the right women candidates; given the number of women pursuing STEM is less. As a responsible corporate, we have established targeted outreach programs to encourage women to pursue careers in technology, forming valuable partnerships with educational institutions to amplify the message of diversity in the tech world. Through our Technip Energies Scholarship Program, we are providing grants to girls in STEM education, enabling them to access education and opportunities. Within our workplace, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment, with an ambitious goal of achieving 25% women in leadership positions by 2025, globally. We recently recruited Graduate Engineer Trainees for different functions where 56% were women candidates. To ensure progress, we prioritize continuous training programs that address unconscious bias and promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of our organization.

Q5. What is your advice to entrance-level HR professionals?

To succeed in today’s fast-paced world, stay curious, pursue your passions, and be adaptable. Stay informed about sustainability and emerging technologies, and actively contribute to ESG initiatives for a fulfilling and impactful career.