Actalent Partners With India’s Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) to Offer Enhanced Manufacturing Services to Global Clients

ActalentActalent, a leading engineering and sciences services and talent solutions company, today announced a three-year partnership with Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) to boost both organizations’ research and development (R&D) efforts in the manufacturing technology sector.

The alliance will draw on each organization’s resources and expertise to accelerate the transition to smart manufacturing, providing a streamlined and more efficient and cost-effective transition for global clients. Through this engagement, Actalent and CMTI will also pursue cooperative research initiatives across a wide range of focus areas, such as design and manufacturing engineering, smart manufacturing, predictive analytics, green manufacturing, industrial ergonomics and more.

For over six decades, CMTI has acted as the premier autonomous research and development institute in India, operating under the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India. The organization specializes in modernizing older manufacturing equipment to meet Industry 4.0 standards for digital connectivity and server integration using open-source software (OSS).

Funded by the Indian government, CMTI regularly sets standards for industrial design across the country with the aim of creating cost-effective solutions for domestic and global partners.

“Actalent’s skilled consulting teams and state-of-the-art facilities will complement our deep well of scientific knowledge and intellectual property—especially as the transition to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 heats up over the coming years,” said Dr. Nagahanumaiah, Director at CMTI. “This long-term collaboration will help us provide leading-edge solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world, and in turn, solidify CMTI’s place as a technological leader in the manufacturing industry.”

By customizing OSS code and horizontally deploying it across a wide range of client applications, CMTI implements advanced manufacturing solutions swiftly and reduce their time to market.

Actalent has the capability to integrate CMTI’s OSS with third-party software, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and flexibility. Together, both entities will provide these services—as well as business and technical consulting—to manufacturing clients under a single banner, eliminating the need for multiple near-shore and offshore contracts, or staff augmentation.

“Few have invested in relationships with internationally renowned academic institutions in this space. That’s why we believe this unique partnership will go a long way to creating cost-savings and enhancing the productivity for our clients as they gear up for a large-scale shift to more advanced machine tools and factory machines,” said Bhanu Prasad Jakka, senior manager, manufacturing services at Actalent.

“CMTI’s deep knowledge base will enable us to provide digitization, predictive maintenance and real-time data analytics services under one roof,” stated Michael Kurtz, Actalent’s global director of manufacturing and electrical engineering services. “This partnership enhances the technical expertise of our four delivery centers in India and the offshore capabilities we’re able to provide. We are deeply committed to advancing the future of manufacturing and bringing this value to our global clients.”