Leadership Actions to Increase Employee Engagement in 2021 | Madhumita Mitra | Global Head | Employee Engagement | Maersk Group

2020 has been an unprecedented year with COVD-19 pandemic impacting almost every country in the world. Sudden lockdowns in various parts of the world including India saw a massive change in the way people work. The pace of change was so rapid that most leaders
had to take huge effort to ensure that their employees continue to deliver the promises made to customers and remain engaged, healthy, and safe.

Reward and Recognition: The secret ingredient in the recipe of an engaged and productive organization | Anurup Chakraborty | Managing Total Rewards | R&R and Wellness | Marsh India

In the entire employee lifecycle, Rewards and Recognition (R&R) plays a very crucial role in defining the employee experience. It is one of the most used methods of positive reinforcement to drive favorable behaviors in an organizational setup. Your company’s R&R policy has the capability to drive organizational growth and culture if executed correctly.