Employee Health & Wellness in Times of COVID -19 | Dr (HC) Guruvayurappan PV | SVP – Human Resources | Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt Ltd

The climate created by this pandemic is one of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, having profound impact on the well-being of the workforce, irrespective of the industry, designation and nature of work. While COVID-19 may have forced a majority of the world to Work from Home, it is still an unfamiliar territory for a large part of the community.

HR For Small Business: Challenges and Solutions | Aparna Sharma | Senior HR Professional & Certified Corporate Director I Editor’s Collection

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) face many operating challenges with human resources issues at the forefront. Remaining compliant with the countless central, state, and local law requirements takes a concentrated focus. Since SMBs don’t often have a dedicated human resources staff or other resources, it can be hard to stay on top of the ever-changing employment landscape

“Workplace!! Post-Lockdown 2.0 – Near and Distant Affect / Effect” | Arun Prasad Keshri | VP Employee Relations | HR Compliance | Speaker | Mentor | Visiting Faculty

Social Restrictions & Social Distancing implemented during this pandemic has been trying to strike a balance between cost and benefit but the losses of life are huge across the globe and also massive is the economic catastrophe. We all have agreed that the COVID-19 spread has brought in uncertain times that none of us had ever thought or imagined earlier.